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Leather Cleaning, Conditioning and Protection

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Leather Cleaning & Protection

During the manufacturing process The chemicals used to tan and coat the leather only preserves the hide for a certain period of time. After this time the responsibility now has to be maintained by you.

Why you should maintain leather?

To prevent your leather from becoming mouldy, dry & cracked, you should ensure that all your suede and leather products are professionally cleaned as per what would have been recommended by the manufacturer of the leather item. The best way to care for leather is to keep it clean and prevent it becoming soiled or stained. All suede and leather should have a final finish coat of a leather or suede protection spray/protectant. Handle it with care and it will serve you well for years.

We maintain all leather furniture, car seats, Jackets, clothing, shoes

There is a 3 step detailed process when we care for your leather to keep it feeling soft and looking new and supple.

1. CLEAN - With a leather Cleaner

Regular cleaning and replenishment of the natural oils will keep the leather in good condition for a very long time. Firstly we remove from the surface any dirt and grime which has been built up over time. The products we use are water soluble, contain fully biodegradable mild cleaners & waxes that are non flammable, non toxic & not harmful to the skin.

2. CONDITION - Like moisturiser on skin

Oils in the leather will eventually dry out and evaporate if not maintained & these oils need to be periodically replaced. So we detail your leather piece & gently massage into it a high quality specially formulated product (to Leather Industry Standards) that replenishes & moisturises your leather, making it soft , supple & flexible again.

3. PROTECT - To lock in the clean and conditioner

Professionally applied invisible shield is the final coat to protect the leather. This then repels liquid spills, grime and dirt and enables for easy and effective cleaning on your behalf. Usual recommendation of this process is about once every year or two dependant on the usage. Protect your valuable investment. Safe for family and pets


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