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Mattress Cleaning of stains, odours and bed bugs

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Reduce Allergy Symptoms

Mattress Cleaning: We spend a large portion of the 24 hour day in our beds, anywhere from 4 to 10 hours making it up to 40% of the total day. So it's quite important to have a clean mattress to have a good nights rest and to eradicate those nasty bed bugs that contribute to allergies and bacteria.

No more Bed Bugs: The benefits of having your mattress cleaned regularly may include kills germs, bacteria & dust mites that may be under laying on and within the mattress, a fresh clean smell is left along with a good nights sleep.

Accident Happen

Accidents happen on mattresses often, Its quite common for bed wetting to happen on a reasonably new mattress too. Its easy fixed.   Don't throw it out, as some of our clients have thought of doing prior to calling.  You will be extremely surprised how good the restoration is, it is like new again.  The process to clean a mattress be it single, double or queen takes a bit of a while to do, due to the many sides of it's shape.  Our technicians clean and sanitise (if there is urine, its a must to sanitise all the surfaces of the mattress) the top, bottom and all 4 side edges.  MENTION YOUR PROCESS HERE It will be touch dry within about 2 hours pending the weather and will be ready for use STEPHEN FILL MORE CONTENT HERE, YOU LIKE TO WRITE AS THE EXPERT.  The mattress may be left upright  STEPHEN AGAIN........ If an accident happens to your mattress you may want to consider freshening you  others at the same time or even your sofa lounges.

"after cleaning my room of mildew & mould I flipped my mattress which was quite badly stained with mould spores , your cleaner Stephen did a fab job. please pass on a big thank you. It come up better than I thought. It was an expensive mattress and he saved it for me. Cheers Michael (Birchgrove)"


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