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Upholstery Cleaning

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Upholstery Cleaning & Protection
"Our Certified Steam Cleaning Specialists Use the most professional Carpet Steam Cleaning system and equipment available.

Professional Cleaning
Carpet & Upholstered furniture are a big investment not only monitory, but in time in selecting the right design and colour to suit your style in your Office or Home which is why you have them professionally cleaned by Bondi Carpet Cleaners. 

A Total Cleaning Program
By having them regularly cleaned, your Staff or Family enjoys the benefits of  breathing easier and having that fresh clean image to look at.  Therefore, your investment of carpets and furniture should be protected by having our trained technicians apply fabric protectant to their surfaces and recommend this process as part of our total cleaning program to ensure they remain looking like new and elongate the lifespan.


Home Office Business Luxury Items
 Lounges/Sofa/Ottoman  Office Chairs  Restaurant Dining Chairs  Car Upholstery
 Dining Chairs  Reception Area Seating  Cinema Seats  Boat Upholstery
 Mattresses - Sofa Beds  Executive Leather Chairs  Hotels - Inc Mattress cleaning  Rugs & Mats



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